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PowerPoint presentations have always been so helpful to my learning experience that I think as a teacher, I would use them all the time. I was always a visual learner and I believe that showing a class how to do it, rather than just explaining it helps so much. PowerPoints are opportunities for you to express what you are trying to say or do with creativity and not just typing words on Microsoft Word. Also with PowerPoints, you can add audio to the presentation to better assist those watching it. The audio helps those who learn by listening. As a teacher, using PowerPoints can make the learning experience so much better, easier and versatile because the students can see and hear it. As a teacher, I would probably have a PowerPoint presentation for every chapter my class may be going over that year with pictures, examples, videos, audio, etc. When you can incorporate so many different learning tools into one presentation, you are supplying your students with the information they need in a creative, captivating way. Math is probably a subject that many teachers may think they can’t use a PowerPoint for but it most definitely can be helpful. Starting off the PowerPoint by explaining what the objective of the chapter or section is for this specific day or week. Go on in explaining what you plan to accomplish. The next step would be breaking down the topic. An example like subtraction would be broken down by explaining how it’s the opposite of addition, showing the sign and going on in giving the definition. You would resume by giving the first example (which you probably be something simple), then moving on to harder problems and problems you, as a teacher, will allow them to solve.

Adaptive technology can be defined as a piece of technology that helps someone with a disability to maintain or improve their disability. I myself have never met someone who needed to use adaptive technology within the classroom but I do know family members who use hearing aids and things like that. Adaptive technologies help those who need it and I don’t know anyone who would oppose that. After doing research on the different types of adaptive technologies, I never knew there were so many different kinds. I knew there were many different disabilities but I never thought of the different levels of the disabilities and the different devices needed. It’s really mind-blowing. I think one of my biggest challenges would be my concern of whether I’m giving that student using the adaptive technology the right amount of extra attention or if I’m just teaching correctly. I want everyone in my classroom to have a fair chance of earning so I never want to leave anyone out or move too fast so I think my biggest challenge would be my own worrying.

I enjoyed the webquest assignment. It was quite interesting and it made me think. It definitely forced me to be creative and think a little bit. I wanted to do something that I felt would appeal to kids and something fun and exciting. I think I captured it quite well and hopefully it was clear and concise. I didn’t like how time consuming it was and that made me feel like it was something I would never use as a teacher but I think it was just because I wasn’t familiar with the website. Other than that, I enjoyed the assignment.


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  1. I also think that in the future I will not be creating Web Quests for my students. They were way too time consuming. I think that there are better ways to present information.


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